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Name Letourneau
First Name Nicole

Summary of the research program

Research Program Title: Supports for Healthy Child Development Current Grants: 2003 An Intervention to Improve Mental Health in Children Born to Adolescent Mothers: Supplementary Project Funding for Assessment of Infant Cognitive Development. Principle Investigator 2003-2005 Support Intervention for Low Income Women Smokers. Co-Investigator 2001-2003 Computer Mutual Aid for Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy & Spina Bifida. Co-Investigator 2001-2003 Online Support for Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy & Spina Bifida. Co-Investigator 2001-2003 Support Intervention for Homeless Youth. Co-Investigator 2001-2004 An intervention to improve mental health in children born to adolescents. Co-Principal Investigator 1999-2004 Welfare-to-work: Implications for pre-school children’s health and development. Co-Investigator
Topics covered by the research program
4 Biomedical research
2 Clinical research
3 Health systems and services
1 Social, cultural and other factors in the development of children age 0-5
child development
parent-child interaction
social support
adolescent parenting
postpartum mood disorders
at-risk youth/adolescents
randomized clinical trials
qualitative assessment
Publications Doucet S, Dennis CL, Letourneau N, Blackmore ER. Differentiation and clinical implications of postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. JOGNN - Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing 2009 ;38(3):269-279.
Drummond JE, Letourneau N, Neufeld SM, Stewart M, Weir A. Effectiveness of teaching an early parenting approach within a community-based support service for adolescent mothers. Research in Nursing & Health 2008;31(1):12-22.
Secco ML, Profit S, Kennedy E, Walsh A, Letourneau N, Stewart M. Factors affecting postpartum depressive symptoms of adolescent mothers. JOGNN - Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing 2007;36(1):47-54.
Jung V, Short R, Letourneau N, Andrews D. Interventions with depressed mothers and their infants: modifying interactive behaviours. Journal of Affective Disorders 2007;98(3):199-205.
Letourneau N, Duffett-Leger L, Stewart M, Hegadoren K, Dennis CL, Rinaldi CM, Stoppard J. Canadian mothers' perceived support needs during postpartum depression. JOGNN - Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing 2007;36(5):441-449.
Secco L, Profit S, Letourneau N. A self directed behavioural family intervention with telephone consultations improved toddler behaviour and parenting skills. Evidence-Based Nursing 2006;9(4):106.
Williamson DL, Salkie FJ, Letourneau N. Welfare reforms and the cognitive development of young children. Canadian Journal of Public Health Revue Canadienne de Sante Publique 2005;96(1):13-17.
Letourneau N, Neufeld S, Drummond J, Barnfather A. Deciding on surgery: supporting parents of infants with craniosynostosis. AXON 2003;24(3):24-29.
Elliott MR, Reilly SM, Drummond J, Letourneau N. The effect of different soothing interventions on infant crying and on parent-infant interaction. [References]. Infant Mental Health Journal 2002; 23(3):310-328.
Letourneau N. Attrition among adolescents and infants involved in a parenting intervention. Child: Care, Health & Development 2001;27(2):183-186.
Contact information  
Title Associate Professor
Department / Faculty Nursing
Institution University of New Brunswick
City Fredericton
Province New Brunswick
E-mail address
Additional functions / affiliations
Title Research fellow
Department / Faculty Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy
Institution University of New Brunswick
Academic background (university, faculty, degree, year obtained) University of Alberta, FAculty of Nursing, PhD, 1998 University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, MN, 1994 University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Nursing, BN, 1991
Funding sources CIHR - Canadian Institutes of Health Research; AHFMR - Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research; SSHRC - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; University of Alberta
Working languages English, French (limited)
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