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CEECD Medals 2004

On May 27th, the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development awarded the Medal for Exceptional Contributions to Early Childhood Development 2004 to four pioneers in recognition for their outstanding efforts to improve the lives of young children. The recipients are Mrs. Thérèse Gouin-Décarie, Mr. James J. Heckman, Mrs. Mary Thomas and the Lawson Foundation.

Mrs. Thérèse Gouin-Décarie has been recognized for both her research on childhood development and her teaching skills. Her international influence has allowed to create in Quebec a solid tradition of research on early childhood development. She has also mentored many generations of young researchers and teachers who continue to advance our knowledge of children’s early years and the practices that contribute to their optimal development.

Mr. James J. Heckman is a Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences. He has been recognized for his numerous and exceptional accomplishments. The most enduring has been his unrelenting and systematic effort to understand the role of early childhood in human resources development and for his commitment to convince others, based on his studies, of the importance of investing in the early years.

Mrs. Mary Thomas has been recognized for her unstinting efforts to give a voice to young Aboriginal children and to protect their language and culture. Mrs Thomas has also been a remarkable leader in supporting the development of child care services throughout Aboriginal communities in Canada.

The Lawson Foundation has played a significant role in improving our understanding of early childhood development and in demonstrating the crucial, lifelong impact of the years from zero to five on children’s health, learning and behaviour. For decades, the Lawson Foundation has provided support for sustainable community-based programs.

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