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Richard E. Tremblay and the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development receive special honour

SANTIAGO, CHILE, NOVEMBER 4, 2008 – Today, Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) Director Richard E. Tremblay was awarded Chile’s highest distinction, the Order of Gabriela Mistral to Cultural and Educational Merit. Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile, gave him the award in recognition of his commitment to ECD and for the creation of the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development.

“Chile has selected Richard E. Tremblay for Chile’s highest distinction, named after our great poetess, Gabriela Mistral. We see you as an important ally in developing better childhood policies and recognize that you have made children your priority,” declared President Bachelet.

Knowledge about the development of children is essential for the scientific community; it is equally important for educators, parents and society as a whole.

Richard E. Tremblay was extremely proud to receive this honour from President Michelle Bachelet and to have his work recognized as furthering Gabriela Mistral's dream, by helping to create a new generation of adults who will be inspired by her wisdom to create a better society.

CEECD director and his team created the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, which has made a huge contribution to the dissemination of knowledge on early childhood development.

This valuable resource, available up to now in English and in French, will gradually be translated in Spanish and made available to Chile and the Spanish-speaking world, thanks to an agreement signed between the Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles (JUNJI), the Chilean Government and the CEECD.

This online resource contains the best scientific knowledge on the social and emotional development of young children. Available free of charge to parents, educators and decision-makers, the Encyclopedia provides the latest knowledge in lay terms on some 30 topics, including aggression, prevention of maltreatment, attachment and language development.

The Encylopedia is the result of a concerted effort by renowned international experts to provide easy access to the best available knowledge on the social and emotional development of children from conception to the age of five.

The English version of the Encylopedia can be found at

About the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD)

The CEECD is a consortium of Canadian organizations that promote the best international knowledge on early childhood development among the parents, professionals and policymakers to help them have  a positive impact on children’s development.  The CEECD, based at the Université de Montréal, is one of four Centres of Excellence for Children’s Well-Being set up by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

About Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles (JUNJI)

JUNJI was created in Chile in 1970 as a decentralized institution with the mandate to create, plan, coordinate, promote, stimulate and supervise implementation and functioning of kindergartens. Active across the country, JUNJI offers public protection, education and food supply services for about 120,000 children ages 4 and under who live in precarious situations. JUNJI’s mission is to develop high-quality educational programs, contribute to the global well-being of the youngest, promote educational training with the family, ensure that standards for public or private kindergartens are respected, advise and inform in the field of early childhood education and modernize management styles in order to successfully meet their challenges.

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Source:  Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Development
Information: Lucie Beaupré, CEECD
Telephone:  514.343.6111 extension 2576

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